International sport – an employee engagement opportunity not to be missed

The Euros, Wimbledon and the Olympics in Rio are just a few of the major sporting events taking place this summer. And even if you aren’t a huge sporting fan, it’s difficult not to get caught up in the buzz.  

But with so much of the action taking place during working hours, it does have its challenges for employers.  

In some corners sporting events are seen as a fantastic opportunity to engage with employees on a more personal level. In others they’re viewed as an unwanted distraction which can have a negative effect on business.

So, what kind of employer are you?

Why employers should embrace large sporting events

According to research by CV-Library, more than six out of 10 employees believe organisations should get behind large international sporting events.

Take the Euros for example. Showing the games in the office, giving your employees flexible lunchtimes or even introducing gamification (such as internal sweepstakes) can really boost staff morale.

They can create a feel-good factor like no other. Just look at the London Olympics in 2012 – you could ‘feel’ the positive impact the Games had on the nation.

Admittedly, with absenteeism increasing during major tournaments, it’s easy to see why some employers focus on the negatives. But, by offering flexible working conditions which allow people to watch a match and still get their work done, you can easily solve this problem.

See it as another opportunity to engage with your workforce. If nothing else, it will get staff talking to one another and allow your managers to bond with their team over things other than work.

So plan ahead and make sporting events part of your employee engagement strategy.